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  1. Be Clear About What You Want - Recruiting the right person starts with a detailed job description and personal specification. It also involves following a recruitment process that produces a suitable candidate at a minimum cost to the business.
  2. Use A Thorough Recruitment Process - The more complex the job, the more sophisticated the recruitment process needs to be. However, as a minimum, the interview process should include: at least two interviews, a psychometric assessment and a thorough reference check.
  3. Advertise Carefully - Advertisements should be clear, to the point and bespoke to your organisation. Remember; advertising through a reputable recruitment consultant such as Xecutive Search HR is frequently more effective than advertising under your own name and essential when confidentiality is required.
  4. Interview Thoroughly - Interviews should be highly structured and based on proven methodologies. They should reveal levels of competency in key areas, appropriateness of experience, personality strengths and weaknesses and integrity. Professional, thorough and consistent interviewing requires a high level of training and coaching. The team at Xecutive Search HR has these skills. Use them and save yourself time and money.
  5. Assess Appropriately - Psychometric assessments are plentiful, but can be a minefield if inappropriately used or administered. Carefully selected assessments are valuable tools in the selection process, but not to the exclusion of a structured interview. Individuals should be selected on the basis of past performance, competence and personality.
  6. Always Recruit The Right Person For The Job - Recruitment should be seen as a rejection process' as much as a selection process'. Don't be tempted to pick 'the best of a bad bunch'. You (or your company) will pay dearly in the long run!
  7. Pre Screening Saves Time - Xecutive Search HR will screen likely candidates with a simple telephone interview before deciding who to invite for the first face-to-face interview. This will pay you dividends in terms of time and money saved.
  8. Don't Do All The Talking - When you actually meet the candidates, let the them tell you about their background and achievements. The more you talk, the more you will like the candidate, so, keep quiet, don't tell him or her about the job, the package, the company, or you, until they have told you about themselves.
  9. Remember Training & Development - Look for development needs; the perfect person rarely exists. Identify what initial training will be required and ask yourself; how much you will need to invest in the candidate and whether he or she is worth that investment.
  10. Never Over Sell The Job - Over exceeding expectations, leads to frustrations later. Honesty about the role is always the best policy.
  11. Background & Reference Checks - Are vital; research indicates that around 90% of new employees never have references taken up. Background checks should be as thorough, as possible and should include employment history, medical checks, and where appropriate; character references.