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  1. Clearly Define The Role - This can be very flexible, but needs to have buy-in across your key internal stakeholders;
  2. Specify The Candidate Attributes You Are Seeking - Not every role needs a young high flier,  take advice from experts if in doubt, to avoid wasting time;
  3. Define The Reporting Structure - Even if they are going to be in a resource pool for senior executives, they need to have a clear line manager responsible for their day-to-day activity;
  4. Position The Role Within The Company - Particularly important if the role is a new one, or the individual has a different career background from the norm. Think about whether anyone might be threatened, and proactively manage the situation;
  5. Be Flexible When Interviewing - Young high fliers have a very cross-functional skill-set; if they are not quite right for the position you are looking to fill, bear them in mind for other roles across the organisation;
  6. Identify Key Performance Indicators - The ability to make an impact on an organisation is key to these young high fliers, how will you and they know when they have been successful?
  7. Never Oversell The Role - Tempting though it might be in order to lure the star candidate, overselling a role will only lead to disillusionment on both sides and the candidate leaving to move to another more attractive position;
  8. Provide A Career Path - Most young high fliers don't expect to jump ship every two years, they want variety and challenge. However, they are looking to get that from moving to new roles within the same company every two to three years;
  9. Remember The Interview Process Is Two-Way  - Introduce the candidate to a range of different individuals that they will be working with, ensure they have as much information as they need to make a decision when they are offered the role;
  10. Keep Candidates Informed At All Stages - Even in today's market, high fliers are getting multiple job offers, keep them motivated and excited about their role by staying in close contact with them. Move the process along as rapidly as possible.