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We are delighted that you want to work with the team at Xecutive Search HR, to take the next important step in your career. By forming a partnership with us and by putting in a little effort, by being patient and with some luck, we can actively help you to make that next step.

To help and support you, we have prepared these guidelines. These are the standards we always work to; they also help us to introduce you to our client in an efficient and confidential manner. Following these rules will maximise your chances of securing the job that you really want.


Your co-operation in honestly answering our questions is vital. We are interested in such things as: details about your current income, your ability to relocate and the status of your family when considering your next career step. We will also ask you questions about your current job, your current employers reporting structure and a number of other questions to give us as full a picture as possible about you.


All the information you give us is strictly confidential and is never shared with third parties. Confidentiality is of course a two-way street. We cannot always tell you the name of our clients and we will never tell you the names of the other candidates we are working with.


Unlike traditional agencies, we do not mail out your CV speculatively. We never present your details to any of our clients without your explicit consent, our business is assignment driven.


Once your details have been presented to our client, it is important to remain patient. Some organisations take weeks or even months to make a decision about whom they wish to interview. Do feel free to call us for a progress report, although we do promise to inform you promptly once our client has made a decision. The process is likely to move very rapidly when clients have actually decided that they would like to meet you. Consequently, you must be prepared to invest some time in the interviewing process at short notice; this may mean taking time off to meet with our client.


Have the names and telephone numbers of at least two references ready for us to contact. We will speak with your referees only once you have given us express permission to do so and this is unlikely to be before you have met with our client. It is helpful for you to contact your referees and to tell them you that are working with us and that we may be calling to ask some confidential questions. We do not accept written references, so please do not submit any.


Before each interview, we will brief you about our client and about whom you will be meeting. It is essential though that you make time to investigate the organisation on your own. Go to your local business school library, or search the Internet and look at all the available information about the organisation you'll be visiting. Due diligence is your responsibility. One of the advantages of working with us; is that we will help you get the most out of your interviews, so make the most of the support we offer. The time you spend with our client may determine your entire future, so you should prepare for each interview as if your entire career hinged on it.


After an interview, it is in your interest to call us as soon as possible, at least on the same day. We need to hear from you before our client calls us to discuss the interview. Failure to contact us immediately after an interview can jeopardise your candidacy. It is vital that you remain totally honest in your debriefings with us, it is important that we know about any issues and your feelings and views in order to honestly broker a conclusion to the recruitment process. Of course, not all interviews are successful. If our client does not think you are appropriate for an opening, we will let you know why.


Finally, remember to let us know about any changes in your current employment status and to let us know about any change of address. It can take months for the right opportunity to come across our desks; but there's nothing more frustrating for us than to have a perfect recruitment assignment, but being unable to locate the perfect candidate - you!