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Even if you have just one employee, you will have HR issues.  

Just keeping up with the constant changes to employment legislation is bad enough, let alone recruitment, selection, policies and procedures, contracts of employment, retention, and performance management.

Without a dedicated HR department, sorting out these issues is usually down to the owner or MD. HR administration - anything from changing employee details to recruitment - can take a huge amount of time. And if you're trying to run a company as well, it's likely that either the company or the HR processes will suffer.

The options are:

  1. Take on all the Human Resources functions yourself; or
  2. Outsource some or all of them.

Once thought appropriate only for large companies, more and more small and medium-sized companies are outsourcing at least some of their HR administration and other functions.

The specific processes that are outsourced will be different for every company. Some may outsource virtually all of their HR processes; others may choose to outsource specific components such as employment contracts, recruitment or disciplinary procedures.

Why use HR outsourcing? Companies outsource some or all HR issues so that they can control costs; and focus on other business areas.

Allowing an external organisation to handle some or all of your HR issues can mean great savings in time and operational costs, and it will free you up to concentrate on running the business.

Is it a good idea for my company? It’s worth exploring.

You probably have some policies and procedures in place but they may be out of date; maybe you put something in place when you started up, and simply haven’t had the time to keep them current. HR Legislation is updated at least twice a year, i.e. in April and October, and becomes effective from that date.

Your employees will almost certainly know their rights; do you know yours? Basic HR processes – are you up to date?

To explore whether outsourcing could be of benefit to you and your company, why not talk through the options with Xecutive Search HR?

Whatever your choice, Xecutive Search HR will always deliver practical, modern HR solutions and give you a ‘real world' view of modern employment law.